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Installing WordPress in Cpanel via Fantastico in Under Five Minutes

By now you hopefully have a domain name purchased, and your hosting set up. If not, or you need further clarification on that, please refer back to one of the following:

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If you’ve already done that and are ready to start creating a webpage, we’re on to the next step: Installing WordPress. If you are new to creating websites and dont have much knowledge in the way of HTML or CSS I highly advocate working with WordPress. It is easy to use and configure, and as this guide will show, is amazingly easy to install in any provider that has a Cpanel configuration. If you aren’t sure if you have Cpanel, but you signed up with one of the hosting providers we review on this site, then you more than likely have Cpanel. (Dreamhost and Lunarpages can be an exception, which we will cover the install for at a later time. Both are still very easy to install Worpress on.)

The first step is to log into your hosting control panel (Cpanel) and for look the icon that says Fantastico and click on it. It will more than likely be a smiley face icon. See the screenshot below: 

(Click on the Fantastico Icon)


Fantastico will open, and you will be presented with the following screen, where you want to click on the WordPress menu option on the left as seen below:

(Click on WordPress)


Almost there! The installation window will come up next, and you will have an option to create a new isntallation in your hosting directory as seen below:

(Click on New Installation)


Now the last step! You’ll need to do a few things on this screen. First, is to make sure your site is selected in the first dropdown at the top. Leave the “install in directory” box blank at this point if you are installing WordPress in your main website, which you probably are. Below that are two more boxes. You will need to create a username and password which will be used to access your WordPress configuration panel. Don’t worry about the next four boxes. It should fill in any information that is needed, so take note as to what gets assigned. You can verify the site name and make changes as needed. Finally click on the “Install WordPress” button.

(Fill Out Fields, Click Install)


That’s it! You installed WordPress in about five minutes. Not bad! To log into your new WordPress install, you will need to type into your browser your domain name, followed by /wp-admin. So for example if you site was you would go to and you should be presented with the following:

(Enter Your Credentials)

You should be able to enter the username and password you set up during the install, and will be logged into the WordPress control panel.

Check back soon for our next article where we will cover basic WordPress configuration for new users.

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